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We have 3 locations to serve you

The Elite Threading has three locations, two in Chicago and one in Plainfield. Call to make an appointment near you today! Or, use our on-line appointment software by clicking the image below to see what time works best for your schedule.



Types of Threading

These are the types of threading offered at The Elite Threading:

  • Eyebrow threading
  • Lip threading
  • Chin threading
  • Face side threading
  • Eye, lip, chin threading combo
  • Full face excluding neck
  • Neck threading or waxing
  • *Prices vary, please call (815)514-1816 for prices of the services you are requesting.

    Eyebrow Threading

    About Eyebrow Threading

    Eyebrow threading definitely helps. It doesn't irritate the skin like waxing does, and is more precise and much less painful.

    If you are one of those people who endlessly dote over smallest of details and cannot handle anything less than perfect, grooming and shaping your eyebrows must be an ordeal. The simple solution is always going for threading because that can be the only way closest to what you want. Although waxing may be able to give fancy shapes but the shapes are available as stencils. The stencils are uniform and standard and the same for everyone. So there’s limited choice. What your face and eyebrows need could be quite unique owing to your different taste or rare face type etc. So whether you want the foxy thin lined eyebrows or the natural yet clean ones you can get them with threading.

    Eyebrow threading originates from India and is probably the only way that eyebrows are shaped there. It involves the beautician performing the threading to make a loop with a thread and twirl it a couple of times. The loop with the twirls at the center and the sides held by the beautician when applied with light pressure on the area of unwanted hair growth removes hair efficiently. The best thing about threading is that hair can be removed from the exact spot where unwanted and any possible desired shape can be achieved.

    Ideally threading should start with removal of unwanted hair in the middle of two eyebrows and then go on to remove extra growth from the top and bottom. Any desired shape, length and thickness could be given. If the eyebrow arch is very high fill the lower area with eyebrow pencil strokes and remove a few hair from the upper section of the brow. When the eyebrow arch is low, hair should be removed from under the eyebrows and the upper area should be outlined with the eyebrow pencil. Those who are proficient in the process only should perform threading. Threading gives best results when performed by a beautician you trust and knows exactly how you want them. Eyebrows threading is done in usually every 2-3 weeks.

    The only minor drawback could be the pain. Although quite painful the results are worth it and the pain is the same as in tweezing or waxing. Few quick and small home remedies to alleviate the pain are to rub ice on the spot to numb it. Application of astringent or toner is important after the process as a lot of open pores are caused because of the invasion. Post application a moisturizer works as well to soothe the area. With all this information in hand eyebrow threading could be a reason for double celebration; one because of the perfect shape and two because of the little pain caused.



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